Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Festive family name a holiday hit

In the run-up to Christmas 1965, a 12-year-old Ohio girl was gleefully anticipating holiday decorating. “I get to decorate the Christmas tree all by myself this year,” she told an Associated Press reporter on Dec. 11, 1965. But this story isn’t really about decorating a tree, though it is about trees. Or, more specifically, the Trees family.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Trees lived on Firwood Place in Forest Park, Ohio, in 1965 and had three children. Douglas Fir Trees, 25, was the oldest. He married the former Jane Wood, and was living in Copenhagen, Denmark. The second son, Jack Pine Trees, 24, was attending Ohio State University. He was married to the former Jane Groves. And then there was the youngest, their daughter — Merry Christmas Trees. She was the last Trees chick in the nest and so had her namesake all to herself that year.

The family obsession with woodsy names began with Jack Trees Sr.’s father, Forrest Evergreen Trees.

Merry liked her name, even though her seventh-grade classmates teased her about it. Later, once she became an adult, Merry’s car even sported a vanity license plate — XMAS1.

Merry eventually married Gene McMahon and now lives in Dublin, Ohio, where she works a kitchen and bath designer for Home Depot.

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