Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Grapefruit — it's not just for breakfast any more

What's a bridge player to do when the latest fashions bare elbows that are discolored and flaky? Play on — with your elbows in grapefruit, of course.

An article in the Jan. 17, 1923 edition of the East Oregonian dispelled the notion that putting your elbows on the table was poor manners, at least while playing bridge. But women despaired of having their bridge partners see their elbows at anything but their best. The humble grapefruit came to the rescue.

Someone discovered that the juice of grapefruit is softening and bleaching when applied to the elbows, and it worked so well that a new fad started at bridge parties. Each woman was supplied with a grapefruit, cut in half, in which they placed their elbows during the game. Juggling cards with elbows buried in the teetering fruit was a tricky business, but the fad caught on and many women began bringing their own towels and goggles to matches.

Who knew that the delicious breakfast staple could double as a beauty product?

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