Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Famous crooner swings through Pendleton

Bing Crosby fans in Pendleton got a thrill Dec. 10, 1952, when the crooner stopped for lunch at the Hotel Pendleton with his son Lindsay and his ranch manager, on his way to Pullman, Wash. Crosby was registered to attend a Washington State college (now university) short course for stockmen. He joined his twin 18-year-old sons, Dennis and Philip, who were attending WSC earning degrees in animal husbandry.

Fellow diners and the restaurant’s waitresses were reluctant to approach Crosby, who pretended to ignore the stares and whispered comments until it was time to pay the bill. Crosby then joked with staff and signed autographs, and eventually posed for an East Oregonian photographer who was lurking nearby. Comments were to the effect that “if someone didn’t lead the photographer astray, perhaps he had a chance to grab himself some publicity.”

East Oregonian file photo
Crosby, who was heading to Spokane after his visit to Pullman to look into his television interests there, said he had been through Pendleton several times but had not yet had the chance to see the Round-Up, though he had heard it was a “great show” and was looking forward to attending some day.

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